• Carry your child’s insurance card to all visits. If you have no card, ask your employer for a copy of the application that they send to the insurance company and bring that with you.
  • If you do not have current insurance numbers at the time of your visit, be sure to call our billing office at 610-372-9222 ext. 11 and tell us within a month of your visit to avoid being responsible for the bill. Insurance companies give us a limited amount of time to submit the claims to them.
  • If you have no insurance, please let us know. We have a flat rate available for you for check-ups ($125) and ill/follow-up visits ($75) if paid when you come to the visit. This fee includes all services rendered at the time of the visit. Immunizations are free from the Vaccines for Children program.
  • Be sure to notify your insurance company about any newborns!
  • Let us know on the change form of any changes to your address, phone, insurance, family situation, etc.


For questions related to billing and insurance please call 610-372-9222 ext. 11 or email us at info@aacpp.com