A bit of history about All About Children Pediatric Partners:

In 1991, Dr. Kimball opened AACPP at 326 North Fifth Street, Reading in the 1200 square foot vacated Bruno fur store. We had brass chandeliers in our waiting room and remodeled display cabinets became the examining tables with contour sheets made from donated sheets and “exam table” pads made from mattress “egg crates” covered with vinyl table cloths! Dr. Kimball designed the HVAC system so that the exhaust from each examining room went directly to the outside and was not re-circulated (we have continued this VERY important system in all of our offices). As we grew, we rented two apartments upstairs to accommodate billing / bookkeeping and a place for staff to rest and eat. Dr. Kimball was joined by Dr. Barbara Haus, Ed. D., CPNP in 1993.

In 1995 we grew too large for our quarters and moved to the former Mann School of Business / St Joseph Clinic site at 132 South Fifth Street with 3900 square feet. Dr. Kimball purchased the building and renovated it with help from a grant from the city of Reading for the front and back ramps and additions. In September 1995, Fritz moving company moved she and Mrs. Mary Schucker, CPNP (who had just arrived!) and the staff into our new quarters! Our second hand furniture came from the furniture outlet in West Reading. Reverend John Richter and many of our parents helped us to bless the office one weekend in Spring, 1996 and we held our first Health Fair! In 1996, we became the first private practice Reach Out and Read site in the nation. Since that time we have given out more than 200,000 books to preschoolers and National Geographic magazines, books, and cookbooks to older children at their checkups and follow-up or ill visits.

As we continued to grow, we added an additional office in the Borough of West Reading. Dr. Ayman ElSheikh joined us in 2000, and in May 2001 we moved in to 301 Penn Avenue Suite 200 after renovating it. Additional second-hand furniture was found by our nurse Patti Richard (now Hamlette), RN, and her husband. Adrienne Salaneck, CRFNP helped stock the rooms.

We became All About Children Pediatric Partners, PC – our name describing who we are: pediatricians, nurse practitioners, and staff working together with children and families in both the city and the suburbs! We welcome persons from diverse backgrounds and do our best to provide state of the art, culturally appropriate services for them. Our staff reflect the diversity of our community. We are proud to have assisted many young people at the start of their careers in healthcare by employing them as summer and vacation time help. Many professionals have contributed so much to our community through their work at AACPP.

On June 25, 2008, we were very excited to occupy our new “miracle” facilities at 655 Walnut Street (7th Avenue and Walnut Street) in West Reading. Our 16000+ square foot facility has been remodeled especially for us. It is designed with infection preventing strategies such as direct exhausting of air from patient areas to the outside, a separate waiting room for infants and children with special healthcare needs, and 28 examining rooms. Our care-coordinators and intake coordinators have their own interviewing areas, and there is private access to billing personnel.

In 2015 we have begun to add wonderful art work – 4 murals by Tammy Braunsberg inside the office and interior colors to match our pod colors. Our outside murals with theme of “Through the Life Span” were designed and painted by Wyomissing High School Art students and community members under the guidance of Mike Miller of Berks Community Murals with creative thinking from Andrew Pochan of the Yocum Institute. Fourteen will be finished by September 2015 and the rest (43 in all!) over the next year. See if you can identify Beethoven’s Fifth and Brahms Lullabye in the clouds on our parapets!