• All visits are by appointment. Call ext. 456 if your child is sick. Call ext. 457 to schedule a well-child visit (physical). Call early in the day if a same-day appointment is needed. We will do our best to accommodate you.
  • Staff are available from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. to answer your calls and schedule appointments.
  • Appointments for routine check-ups should be scheduled at least four to eight weeks in advance. To cancel or reschedule, please call at least 24 hours before the appointment.
  • Walk-ins are discouraged and you may need to wait for an opening in the schedule. We will do our best to see your child as soon as possible – we know that waiting can be difficult little ones.

Always bring the following items to every visit:

  •  Your child’s immunization records
  •  All your child’s medications
  •  Your child’s insurance card
  •  Your photo ID
  •  A list of any other providers that your child has seen and their contact information

We want you to have an active role in your child’s care. Please write out and bring your main questions and concerns. We will ask you for a complete personal and family medical history.

Special appointments may be requested for discussion of complicated problems.

We respect and value your time. We try to stay on schedule. You may call ahead to be advised if unavoidable delays or emergencies have occurred that may delay your appointment.

As you leave the office, the receptionist will schedule your next appointment. Please help them find the time most convenient for you.

To obtain the best possible care please tell the receptionist the name of your preferred physician or nurse practitioner at our office so that they can schedule your child’s appointment with them.

Telephone Calls

For non-emergency questions, please call us between 7:30-8:30 a.m seven days a week. We are available by phone for emergency situations 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When you call, please give your child’s name, age, exact symptoms and temperature.

Also have the telephone number of your local pharmacy and a pencil and paper available.

During office hours, our staff members will answer your questions and direct you to helpful resources. If you are calling about an emergency, please tell the receptionist so that you can be directed to the physician or nurse practitioner immediately.

Please call for test results during regular office hours. Be sure that we have your correct phone number so that we can call you concerning abnormal test results and upcoming appointments.

Please provide us with cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses if you have them.


Please complete refill requests online or call for prescription refills during office hours.

Have the pharmacy phone number available. Please allow 24 hours (Monday through Friday only) for completion of your prescription refill.


Please advise us of any situations needing special attention.

Privacy Policy

We need written authorization from you anytime information is needed by a third party (i.e., another physician, lawyer, insurance company, etc.). We will not release information to anyone other than parents/legal guardians without your permission.



We will coordinate your specialist and early intervention referrals. You can request referrals through the portal, website or by phone.

Please make a follow-up appointment after the specialist visit or touch base with us by phone or secure portal message.


Patient Portal

We encourage you to create a portal connection for your child. Ask any of our staff for portal information.

You can view medical history, immunizations, lab tests, update your health information, request appointments, referrals and medication refills from your secure portal from home.